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Foster Pups

These are all the pups I have fostered and were successfully adopted. They came from kill shelters, puppy mills, were flown in from different countries, or just rescued in general.

The organizations I work with are:


I will update this page when another foster-pup comes along 🙂 I’ll also be adding all of my foster’s stories below their pictures shortly.

My dog was also one of my fosters, but I’ll be creating a page just for him soon.


Roman was left behind, abandoned by his owner who had him for 14 years. He was left tied up on a 3-foot leash in a trailer for about two weeks (maybe longer) with little or no care by the owner’s parents who were unable to care for him daily. A kind woman, Chrissy heard his desperate cries and spoke to the owner’s parents and was able to get him out of his filthy living condition and into a foster home (to me!) and eventually into a very loving home.

May was a stray on the streets of Taiwan. She was then rescued, trained, and flown from Taiwan to Washington.


Eva was rescued from a kill shelter in California.


Grizzly and Kodiak were rescued from a puppy mill. These Lil’ fluffers were probably the most difficult to handle. There was non-stop barking, and since they were from a puppy mill, they literally slept in their own filth. Every day there was a combination of poop, pee, and food smudged all over the floor. It was good we kept them in a small area, which made the clean up easy, but it was still pretty gross to clean them constantly and tidy up the puppy area.

Gordon and Lovey were also rescued from Eastern Washington (I don’t remember their back story.)




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