Not so Itsy-Bitsy

This is a Nephila pilipes, also known as the Giant Wood Spider. Their body size can be up to two inches (if it’s a female)…With those long legs, they look even more gigantic. Now, I witnessed my uncle walk into two webs with THREE of these spiders on them. You would’ve thought we’d see them … More Not so Itsy-Bitsy

A New Leaf

Today a new leaf can fall, a new page can turn…everything has its cycles, and it’s time to fulfill that yearn. ~Stuart Young

Early Morning Fog

This photo was taken early morning on my way to Lake Chelan. I didn’t get to stop and hop out of the truck to take great quality photos of the thick fog, but I took as many as I could in the moving vehicle. Only a couple of them came out ok. Hopefully next time … More Early Morning Fog