Zái Jián!

I’m seriously falling behind on my posts! These are the last Taiwan photos–unless of course I find more to share.

Coming Soon: D.C.

Photo Challenge: Growth

Photo Challenge: Silence

Photo Challenge: Weathered

Click on the photos for a better look!


3 thoughts on “Zái Jián!

  1. Amazing! If you don’t mind, I have a question. Do you have any advice for taking pictures of buildings? I’m going to Washington, D.C. in March, and there’s lots of buildings to take pictures of. I want to take the best pictures possible.

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    1. Thank you! I only spent about four days there, so I did plenty of walking around. I tried to get certain buildings from different areas, for example, the United States Capitol–I walked around it twice to capture a somewhat optimum photograph. Take PLENTY of photos and take your time; you never know how they’ll turn out. I hope this is good enough advice 🙂

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