Zushi Temple

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Coming back home was a tad depressing because while I was on the plane, there was a moment of realization that I will no longer be able to eat anytime, anywhere. Food floods the streets of Taiwan, everyone there is all about it. Food, food, FOOD.

Feeling a little bit famished at 4 o’clock in the morning? Just step outside, and you’ll find a place to eat. It’s almost like having a food court in your own backyard that’s open 24/7.

The food is cheap and mouth-wateringly delicious. You can buy a meal that could feed a family of 6-8 people for almost $10. No joke. It’s crazy how where I live it’s nearly $20 or more per person when you go out somewhere decent to eat. The only “cheap” meal you can get where I live is McDonald’s…Which I find utterly disgusting…Here in Taiwan, everything is fresh. Farmers bring their fresh produce to the marketplace(s) (which are plentiful btw) where they sell to business people with food booths or to the hungry locals. May I also add that you’ll find some weird foods being sold there too? No part of any animal goes to waste. You’ll find chicken and pigs feet, hearts of farm animals, duck tongues, and other animal parts, such as intestines, tendons, genitals, and more. These are all natural ingredients to any Chinese cuisine, and I’ve tried to get myself to try at least one of them, but I wasn’t brave enough. Well, actually I might of have had some animal intestine in my noodle soup at one point, but that’s about it.

Now, a place might not look good because of the environment it’s in or the health code violations you spot here and there, but the taste and the portion of the food make up for everything. No one cares about that stuff, they only care about how low-priced, flavorful, and filling the meal is.

You know how I mentioned you’ll find a place to eat once you step outside? Well, while me, my uncle, and grandpa were out exploring Ximen or Ximending (a touristy shopping district) we discovered the most delicious dumplings ever. Where you ask? I’ll tell you. We noticed a dark alleyway next to a movie theater where few (I’m guessing) college students entered. A bit curious we followed. They led us to an escalator…in the middle of a dark, sketchy alleyway…All of us were amazed at what we found. A whole underground food court! Who would’ve guessed! And that’s where we found the best dumplings EVER, it was out of this world. So, you’ll even find a place to eat even when you step INSIDE someplace you least expected.

The Zushi Temple is one of my favorite temples I visited. The architecture was beautiful and even more stunning when I found out almost everything there was hand-crafted. Multiple styles were carved and sculpted into this temple varying from ancient to modern, and it even had a bit of a western influence. It was built by Hokkien immigrants during the Qing Dynasty in 1767, and it was rebuilt three times because of earthquakes and wars.

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5 thoughts on “Zushi Temple

    1. Thank you very much! I’ve traveled to Taiwan three times because I have family there. It was so nice to see them again after my last visit nine years ago. And thinking I’ve seen it all, there is always something new to find. I noticed you’re a traveler too and I must say that you should definitely visit Taiwan 🙂

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