The Most Powerful Color

Mood: Powerful

Location: Skagit Tulip Festival

The color Red is an emotionally intense color. It makes me feel strong and independent. As an athlete, I always have something on me that is Red. For example, as a fencer, I have a Red mask, red shoe laces, maybe a red shirt underneath all of my layers. But, when I’m on the strip ready for a match the red mask (the focal point of my uniform) I think is most threatening. I’m often asked why I chose the color red for my fencing mask, and I reply, “because it’s a powerful color and a winning color.” I’ll even joke about how it’s “the blood of my enemies.” People would either laugh or lose the smile entirely. Even as a kick-boxer there is always red somewhere, whether it be the gloves, hair-tie, focus mitts, or when you feel like you’re internally bleeding, or when you’re actually bleeding. When you’re boxing, you may be filled with either rage or energy, which also represents the color red. Boxing can be violent too, meaning it too represents the color Red. Wearing it makes me feel bold, it draws and commands attention. The color Red has so much meaning, may it be through seriousness, heat and fire, passion, desire, love, rage, it promotes excitement and lots of action. Red is the most powerful of all colors.

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