Zái Jián!

I’m seriously falling behind on my posts! These are the last Taiwan photos–unless of course I find more to share. Coming Soon: D.C. Photo Challenge: Growth Photo Challenge: Silence Photo Challenge: Weathered Click on the photos for a better look!   Advertisements

Not so Itsy-Bitsy

This is a Nephila pilipes, also known as the Giant Wood Spider. Their body size can be up to two inches (if it’s a female)…With those long legs, they look even more gigantic. Now, I witnessed my uncle walk into two webs with THREE of these spiders on them. You would’ve thought we’d see them … More Not so Itsy-Bitsy

Zushi Temple

Photo Challenge: Peek Photo Challenge: Rounded Coming back home was a tad depressing because while I was on the plane, there was a moment of realization that I will no longer be able to eat anytime, anywhere. Food floods the streets of Taiwan, everyone there is all about it. Food, food, FOOD. Feeling a little … More Zushi Temple


Here are a few photos from the Metropolitan Museum. I didn’t want to overflow you with tons of pictures, so I picked the ones I liked best. You could literally spend days in this museum, there is so much to see and learn. I only spent half a day inside, and I don’t think I … More The MET

Take me to Church

During my first full day in New York on a Sunday morning, I visited the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The architecture was so beautiful it left me beyond mesmerized, I was almost in a trance. Me, my dad, and my best friend listened to the sermons and the scriptural readings. Of course, I was too busy … More Take me to Church

New York

I truly had a blast in New York. I feel like I’m a true New Yorker even though I’ve only spent a week there. It took me a while to understand where I was going, but after day three I knew exactly which way to go, what street I needed to be on, and which … More New York